4 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas That'll Enhance Your Exterior Entryway

January 8, 2020

Cold exterior entryway? Get inspired to warm-up your outdoor décor with these awesome porch decorating ideas.

Your front porch is the home of many wonderful family memories. It’s where your husband carried you over the threshold when you were newlyweds. It’s where your daughter was picked up for her first date. And, it’s where you’ll sit with your partner enjoying the sunset for many evenings to come.

The time between the holiday season and summer can seem long and tiresome. When festive decorations and coloured lights have been put away, waiting for bright and sunny days seems to drag on. Inject life into your outdoor décor by dressing up your front porch during the winter with these helpful tips.

Create an outdoor space that you and your family will enjoy during the chilliest months of the year. When the cold makes us want to retreat indoors, step out instead, enjoy some fresh air and marvel at your stunning exterior entryway. This winter, use a few of these porch decorating ideas and impress guests all season long.

Easily transition your holiday décor into winter décor 

During the holiday season, snow is charming and red ribbons mean that something joyous is on the horizon. However, after Christmas has passed, seeing these holiday reminders can make you yearn for the season of giving and make you sad that you have to wait a whole year for it to come again. 

It’s a shame to take down your holiday entryway décor before winter is over. After all, you put lots of hard work into creating a Christmas wonderland and you should get to enjoy it as long as possible. One way to have the best of both worlds is by transitioning your holiday décor into a winter scheme that is appropriate all season long. 

Keep your front door evergreen wreath, but remove holiday ornaments and ribbons. Fill in empty spaces with touches like pine cones and sprigs of Rosemary for a fresh scent. You might also like to add faux flowers that match your colour scheme. Shades like deep reds, cream and beige are stunning when paired with evergreen.

Flow with the colours of the season

Just because the weather is dreary doesn’t mean that your porch has to be dull. Once you’ve cleared away all of the remnants of Christmas, give your front porch a pop of colour and texture. Layering multiple shades with a variety of hard surfaces creates a dynamic environment.

For example, use different kinds of fabrics, woods and foliage to create a multi-dimensional outdoor entryway. Pair a fluffy wool blanket with a rich cherrywood chair and add a fun flannel pillow for comfort and Canadian style. Or, consider donning your outdoor coffee table with a rustic wood bowl filled with seasonal fruits on a bed of real or faux cedar tree branches.

For a rustic set of colour and texture, try incorporating a bale of hay into your porch’s décor. This bound collection of dried grass comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which works well as both décor and furniture. Try a large rectangular bale of hay as your outdoor bench or add a medium circular bale in the place of a traditional coffee table. Use small bales of hay as accent pieces.

Prepare your summer outdoor furniture for winter 

Living in Ontario means that you’re subjected to varying weather conditions all year long. For instance. it’s not uncommon for Ontarians to experience freezing and mild temperatures in the same week. Having outdoor furniture that stands up all year long is an important cost-saving tip that can help you make the most of your budget.

Take care of your summer outdoor furniture during the winter with a cover that doubles as décor. Instead of choosing a bland coverup, opt for a deep green or pattern-filled slipcover. Covering your furniture in its place when it’s cold outside means that you can keep enjoying it without worrying.

Use key accessories to your advantage when transitioning your summer furniture to a winter look. Try a mix of pillows and blankets before settling on one combination. A fancy print or stylish and textured throw will create an interesting focal point your guests will mention when they come for a visit.

Share the love by decorating for Valentine’s Day 

Once February arrives, Valentine’s day gives the colour red has a whole new meaning when compared to Christmas. The colour changes to one representing different forms of love and covers everything from boxes of chocolates to stuffed animals. 

Express your feelings for the one your love by incorporating romantic elements into your exterior entryway décor. Add details like candles, heart-shaped elements and faux red roses to your porch to extend sentiments of the holiday to your family and guests.

Involve your children in your outdoor décor project by having them contribute fun crafts like homemade signs with messages of love, garlands featuring Valentine’s Day cards and a tissue paper wreath in the shape of a heart.

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