8 Amazing DIY Ideas to Transform your Kids Room

February 1, 2022

Kids grow up faster than we realize, and so do their needs. But more importantly, they always want new things, like new superheroes/cartoons and need a ton of space to fit all their action figures, favourite toys and more. From colourful bedroom ideas to fascinating kids' room decoration, here are ten ideas from some of the best interior designers to decorate your kids’ room and easy DIY projects to help transform your kids’ bedroom design.

Kids are super unorganized. We’ve all stepped on their logos and toys and found their clothes in the strangest of places. To make sure that’s not the case, go for organizers that help keep things at their height. Racks, benches, and closets are a great and useful way to get the kids into the habit of organizing things. Pro tip: To hide their toys, use bins and buckets. 

Here are some amazing DIY organizer ideas that you’ll love. 

Kids love glow in the dark. Even adults do! It’s the coolest thing and so eye-catching. And local stores sell an additive to paint that brings the coolest things on the walls and ceiling to life. This will get your kids excited about turning off the lights and going wild with their imagination. It’s a winner for playroom ideas as well.

Check these glow-in-the-dark projects for inspiration. 

Bedroom wall decor ideas are the best way to personalize a kids’ room. And wall decals are like stickers gone wild. the best part is they are easily removable. So, if they go from loving Iron Man to wanting an astronaut-inspired bedroom the next week, use the affordable range of decals and let them use it as their bedroom wall art. 

Give them an interesting project like this.

Kids are always collecting stuff. From seashells to pictures to weird drawings on postcards. Let them display that in unique ways. Create a string display on their bedroom window that they can use to hang their favorite items with the help of a clip. 

Here’s an easy-to-do string display unit you can make. 

Kids are attracted to magnets from the get-go. Use galvanized metal to create a magnetic board they can use to stick things on. Hours of playtime while you can get your important stuff done easily. 

This DIY room decor idea is a great starting point.

A kids’ room design is incomplete without some good lighting. They add character and life to the bedroom interior design.  Make sure you create a good reading space and they have ample light for those late-night bathroom visits. Otherwise, the monsters under their bed will have a joy and a half.

One of the best ways to recycle old furniture like a dresser, side table, or décor piece is to include your kid. Let them paint their own style by going crazy with colours, adding handprints, or simply using their favorite stickers to make it as unique as themselves. Let them choose a colour scheme to make the bedroom colours pop.

Here are some of our favourite DIY projects to paint old furniture.  

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