Backyard Remodeling Ideas For 2021

May 28, 2021

Summer couldn't have come any sooner. We all are in desperate need for a change in the season. This pandemic has meant more time spent inside than ever before. Warmer weather means more opportunities to get outdoors. Although we don't know what restrictions we will be under, we do know our backyards make for great spaces.

If your backyard isn't in top form, then now is the time to do a remodel. Thankfully, The Spruce has given us 49 ideas to help get us thinking about how we want to use our space. When you sit down and close your eyes, what does your dream backyard look like? Do you visualize the family playing in a pool? Will the backyard be home to an extravagant garden, or do you want your space to be a hub for outdoor entertainment? Perhaps you haven't decided what direction to choose and you need some inspiration. Here are some ideas that will inspire your backyard remodel this summer.

When remodelling your backyard into a dream space there are a few elements to consider. To start, you likely want to hire a landscape designer to help bring your vision to life. Backyards are amazing because unlike indoor spaces you have more variety of materials, colours, plants and furniture to choose from. Often, getting professional assistance will go a long way in shaping the backyard of your dreams.

Child Friendly

Children should always be considered when remodelling your backyard. Depending on their ages, you want to ensure the space is safe. Also, dependent on their age, you may want to stay away from fragile materials. Children love grass, which means you likely want to incorporate a green space for the little ones to run around. You can design your backyard to incorporate spaces for adults and for children. You can create a dining and sitting space for adults to read and relax, while the kids can use another part of the yard for their games. Another tip is to plant. If you have younger children chances are having a garden may not be the best idea. However, you can include plants in the dining areas by using durable pots that can stand alone or be featured on the table.

Quiet Escape 

Sometimes we just need a space that we can retreat to and feel relaxed. With the right greenery and features, the backyard will make the perfect place to feel calm.  There a couple of features that can transform your backyard and inspire tranquil energy. A popular addition is a pond with koi fish. Another feature is a fireplace which can be a pit or a stand-alone option. Finally, there are great plants that will be ideal. If you have a backyard that has shade due to the position of your house or trees, then plant a shade garden and incorporate hostas or tall grass. You can create a woodland feeling by incorporating stone paths and shredded bark, but also green carpet ground cover plants (Pachysandra) and evergreen shrubs.

California Vibes

A backyard with a pool is great, but what is better is a backyard that is sleek and feels like you are in another place. California-inspired backyards inspire flair. Each time you step you’re your backyard you want to feel like you are entering a backyard in Malibu. The patio uses non-skid porcelain tile. You can incorporate big exotic plants like ferns, palm trees or bamboo in the yard and use a patio set that is modern and has clean edges to mimic the style of a contemporary home. And don't forget a floating flamingo in the pool.

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