Culture Report: Sharon Temple & Children of Peace Park

August 26, 2020

Queensville has a staple of cultural and outdoor landmarks that are intertwined with the community. The town of East Gwillimbury has done an exemplary job of preserving cultural heritage and highlighting beautiful environmental features. The community was truly built with families in mind. They are safe, support healthy lifestyles connect people with nature and promote arts and culture.

The Sharon Temple is just one of the many cultural landmarks in the area. The Temple is almost two centuries old. This elegant structure stands as a testament to the faith and good works of the Children of Peace. It was constructed by the Children of Peace as an architectural symbol of their vision for a society that values peace, equality and social justice. Some defining elements of the Temple include the immaculate characteristics of the building and its isolated green space.

This historic and significant building is now a National Historic Site. Now the Sharon Temple hosts an array of annual events including, Heritage Celebrations, which is an interactive gourmet event for the family to enjoy dining on the locally sourced products and get a tour of the grounds.

Another popular event is the Illumination festival which pays homage to the Children of Peace. In 1831 the group welcomed people from all around the world by celebrating the first Friday of September and lit candles in the Sharon Temple. The tradition continues and it includes music and breathtaking views of nature.

An event for the kids is the Old Fashion Christmas, which is free and includes crafts, carriage rides, hot cocoa, and photos with the plump man in red. Sharon Temple is also rented and used for many social events including weddings, meetings and concerts. Local schools also visit the site to introduce students to nearby history.

A new natural development in the area is the park green space which sits adjacent to the Sharon Temple. In 2019 the town of East Gwillimbury proposed an extensive plan to revitalized the space.

The new Children of Peace Park will have ornamental gates at each entrance. The park houses two gorgeous gardens that were designed by town staff, members of the Sharon Temple and community residents. The names of the gardens are Hope Garden and Democracy Garden, which aligns with the historic foundations of Sharon Temple. Another connection to the history of the Temple is the historical plaques that will be scattered throughout the park. The spaces will display public art pieces throughout the seasons.

Children of Peace Park will also have a tranquil floral garden with sculptures, walkways which will provide easy access to and from nearby neighbourhoods, gazebos and an amphitheatre.

The plans for the park will naturalize the area as there will be perennial plants and new trees transplanted in both gardens.

The up and coming Children Of Peace Park and Sharon Temple provide a great, and refreshing escape from the rush of everyday life. The preservation of these landmarks is incredulous and opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family. Make sure to visit! 

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