Energy Star Included In All Queensville Homes

April 24, 2018

Hi there, Queensville here with another post. This week I thought I’d tell you all about a great feature of my homes – they are all ENERGY STAR verified. What exactly is ENERGY STAR? Well, it’s a symbol that identifies products that have met or exceeded Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. What does using energy efficient verified products in your home mean for you and your family? It means a healthier more efficient home that will help save you money for the things that really matter. Here are a few specific benefits of ENERGY STAR.

Cost Savings:

To be very concise, products that have the blue symbol on them (generally) use 20-30 percent less energy than regular models, which means they cost less money to operate over time. This can equate to approximately 20% savings on annual utility bills.

A Healthier Home For Your Family:

In ENERGY STAR certified homes, you can expect consistent temperatures between and across rooms, enhanced indoor air quality through the reduction in dust, pollen, bugs, and excessive humidity and improved durability with comprehensive water protection, windows that block damaging sunlight, and better grade equipment. Again, as it requires less energy to heat and cool your home, there are savings in store for you.

Environmentally Friendly:

The energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants. So, by using less energy to operate, ENERGY STAR certified homes help to prevent air pollution – an added benefit for today's environmentally conscious consumer trying to make greener choices. Energy used in homes, buildings, and industry account for two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR has been instrumental in reducing this energy, and consequently causing a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Great Overall Investment:

A home is the biggest investment of your life and more than that, it’s the castle from which you protect and provide for all your (and/or your family’s) needs. You don’t need to know every technical detail of energy-efficient construction to appreciate that the ENERGY STAR label is a government backed initiative and really does deliver all the efficiency, comfort and financial benefits you’re interested in. By the nature of the advanced construction techniques employed, ENERGY STAR qualified homes are more comfortable in almost every way.

I want to make your life in Queensville comfortable, and I feel like making my homes ENERGY STAR included is one of the ways I’m achieving that. The health of your family is important to me, as is the environment. Hopefully this will become another reason for you to be part of my community. I was thinking that next week, maybe we can chat about some of the great ways you can ring in the New Year – I have a few ideas I know you’ll love!

Talk soon,

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