Enjoying Nature the Simple Way

July 15, 2022

Going out your door to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature doesn’t have to be a trying ordeal. When you’re looking for things to do in East Gwillimbury, it can be as simple as putting on your shoes and stepping out onto a new adventure. Check out all the simple and pleasant ways you can enjoy nature in and around the East Gwillimbury area.

Parks and Trails

Don’t underestimate this time-honoured favourite. Walking, or even just some mild hiking, is a fantastic way to get in some low-impact yet sustained exercise. Plus, all the while you get to take in the naturally-pleasing environments of the East Gwillimbury area, chat with a friend, or just find some harmony and inner peace.

The options available to you in the area are nothing to shake a stick at, either. The East Gwillimbury locale is rife with various parks and trails for you to explore. You can use Google Maps or head over the East Gwillimbury website to find out which parks and trails you’d prefer to explore.

Lake Simcoe

When looking for things to do in the East Gwillimbury area, it would be an astounding waste of an opportunity not to go out and enjoy the pristine waters of Lake Simcoe. Considering the proximity of Queensville, it’s an easy feat to simply pack up and go to this iconic body of water for some memorable outdoor fun. Whether your preference is canoeing, swimming, lounging or building sand castles, there’s always something wondrous and awe-inspiring to gaze at when the rolling waves of Lake Simcoe are lapping at your feet.

Recreation Programs

East Gwillimbury has a variety of sports and recreation complexes that hosts a wide range of programs suitable for all ages, abilities, and interests. From their website, you can choose from a wide selection of summer camps for kids and adult & older adult active living programs. If those don’t strike your fancy you can also take to the sports and recreation complexes for some impromptu team sports or pick-up games.


Making use of the substantial natural surroundings that such a pastoral location affords, there are several golf courses in the area that provide a great deal of fun and entertainment. Shawneeki and Pheasant Run Golf Course are the two in closest proximity to East Gwillimbury and are likely to be the top local favourites.

No Shortage of Things to Do in East Gwillimbury

The plain fact remains that East Gwillimbury has plenty of ways for you to enjoy its gorgeous natural surroundings. From walking trails to expansive golf courses, there’s something for everyone when Queensville is your home.

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