Everything We Know About The Health & Active Living Plaza

June 24, 2020

During a recent East Gwillimbury municipal council meeting, Mayor Virginia Hackson recalled when Queensville’s community centre closed in 2012 to make way for a new fire hall. At the time, residents were informed that a new facility was on its way. 

That new facility is a few years away from completion. Still, the mayor and council members are excited about the arrival of Queensville’s new state-of-the-art Health & Active Living Plaza (HALP). 

More than a community centre, the HALP will serve as a multi-functional, municipal plaza in the Town of East Gwillimbury. There will be a variety of areas, including a library branch, aquatics facility, and gymnasium. 

In addition, there are also plans for indoor and outdoor program spaces throughout the HALP. It will be conveniently located in Queensville, off of Leslie Street, just north of Doane Road. 

The HALP is scheduled to be constructed between 2022 and 2025. While that may seem far away, design and program plans are underway, and what we know is truly impressive. 

Here’s what we know about Queensville’s HALP and what residents can expect from this significant addition to the community. 

Health & Active Living Plaza features outside of the facility

The HALP will be built on 15 acres of land. It will feature a variety of areas where town members can interact, relax, and enjoy community programs. The approximate size of the facility will be 80,000 square feet. 

At the HALP’s main entrance will be the facility’s Front Porch area. Here, public art will be on display, and interactive areas, as well as distinctive program zones, are planned to be implemented. A potential skating and water feature has also been designed. 

In front of the Front Porch will be the HALP’s Boardwalk. This area will showcase a community Wall of Distinction and feature seating areas with modern furniture and beautiful plants. 

There will also be a Health & Active Living Room where visitors can use the facility’s Wi-Fi, enjoy a living wall and public art. During special events and holidays, guests will be able to see seasonal lighting and gather with friends to watch the facility’s large scale display screen. Imagine experiencing the World Cup or Stanley Cup playoffs in a beautiful public gathering space. 

The aforementioned outdoor areas make the front of the facility seem warm and welcoming, and there’s more at the HALP for visitors to enjoy. 

The south area of the HALP is forecasted to feature a large Courtyard filled with things to do. There will be a community bbq and patio, and a sheltered outdoor space to relax in that’s protected from the sun. The Courtyard will be a great place to connect with nature, utilize amenities, and gaze at the lovely community gardens.  

Surrounding the facility, there will also be an outdoor event space, splash pad, playground, sports courts, a sports field, a skate park, and ample parking.

Health & Active Living Plaza features inside of the facility

Inside the HALP will be a variety of spaces dedicated to both fun and education. There will be lots of natural light in all areas of the facility. Architects from the design firm MJMA plan to accomplish this by using exterior window glazing.

Spaces inside the facility will include an aquatics center and change rooms, representing one-third of the HALP. There are also plans for a gymnasium, track, indoor playground, library, and potential fitness area. In addition, visitors will also have access to an indoor boardwalk and common space. 

Currently, there are plans for the future expansion of the library and gymnasium, since the site is large enough to add more to each area. There may also be child care options added to the facility. 

According to MJMA, the overall goal was to design a neighbourhood hub with social spaces connecting every area through the centre of the building. The facility will be inviting to visitors and feature community programming. Its design also incorporates multipurpose pods, learning rooms, health and concession areas, and larger program areas.

We can’t wait to see this new facility come to life. It will be an excellent place for residents of Queensville to come together, get to know each other, and finally have a community centre for all of their needs. 

The HALP will be located very close to our Queensville development. This means that now is a great time to choose our East Gwillimbury community. Property values are sure to increase once the facility is constructed, and you don’t want to miss your chance to invest. 

Explore our home designs today and start planning your future in this beautiful neighbourhood.

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