Indoor Fun for the Whole Family

January 25, 2019

When the weather in East Gwillimbury doesn’t cooperate, and everybody begins to feel restless, even super parents like us sometimes struggle to come up with enough activities to keep everyone entertained. But not to fear, for we at Queensville have created the definitive list of family-friendly indoor activities that will help chase away that cabin fever.

Card & Board Games

With so many game options now available in this day and age, it’s easy to find a game that everyone will love regardless of age. While the wind whips and howls outside your window, preventing you from even going to the library or Civic Centre, you and your family can have a heartwarming good time while traversing the mountains of Candyland or embarking upon a quest for world domination. You can also teach your kids a card game you remember from your childhood, invest in a marathon game of Monopoly, or have several quick rounds of a faster game like Yahtzee or Uno. Whatever game you choose, you can be sure everyone will be entertained for hours.

Kitchen Creativity

For all of you gourmands out there, this suggestion is one you’re sure to love! If the weather isn’t allowing you to go outside for even some public skating or trail walking, you can retire to the kitchen for some fun snacks or meals that everybody can help make. You can do something silly involving lots of chocolate sauce, or something healthy like creatively arranged celery. You can all follow a recipe, or choose a base concept and follow your collective inspiration. When it comes to kitchen creativity, the sky’s the limit.

Level Up as a Family

This decidedly modern indoor activity may not be for everyone, but is certainly a favourite choice among many households. If you have family-friendly video games at home, turning one on for some mildly competitive multiplayer might just be the thing that keeps everybody engaged, entertained, and cooperative. Most Nintendo consoles feature games that are age-appropriate and loved by all, or you can try a more generic title on a handheld device like a tablet or your smartphone. With the access to video game titles we all enjoy today, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Arts & Crafts

If the frigid air is howling outside and the indoors have become the entirety of your environment, then that just means the timing is perfect to bust out the arts and crafts box. This is an especially good option if you or any of your family members are artistically inclined. The best thing about this choice is that what you create is only limited by your imagination. You can freestyle your way to some funky bracelets, or you can buy a store-bought slime creator for those tiny aspiring mad scientists at home.

Stay Strong

Any kind of situation in which you’re prevented from going outside can be tough to endure, especially if you throw bored kids into the mix. But, if you use any or all of the above ideas, you’re sure to make the ordeal much easier on yourself. The most important thing is to stay strong and stay the course, the bad weather will abate in time.

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