Indoor Styles that Chase Away the Winter Cold

December 10, 2018

Here in East Gwillimbury, winter is a real presence. Sometimes lasting for as long as 5 months. Now, we know that’s not something people usually like to hear, but for this part of the world, it’s the reality of the situation. However, this does not have to be a bad thing! The winter months give you the chance to decorate your home to create the perfect environment for maximum comfort and happiness. Here are some of the best winter decor ideas you can use at home to make the most of this chilly time of year.

Hang some Garlands, Judy

Whether hung over a mantle, strung along a bannister or adorned above a threshold, garlands add some green to a season that is otherwise devoid of such vibrancy. Not only do they breathe some life into your indoor space, but they’re also very festive. Garlands can keep you feeling the holiday spirit all winter long, and they’re easy to procure as well. You can go to your local home and garden centre to find the real version, or if you’d rather go the route of less maintenance and longevity you could opt for the plastic variety. Whatever version you choose, garlands are a fantastic way to add some life to your home.

Faux-Fur Accessories

Keeping yourself and your family warm throughout the winter is fairly easy in this day and age. Central heating, reliable power grids and a myriad of alternative heating methods are commonplace. However, one might argue the most important aspect to these methods is the positive psychological effect of knowing you have many different ways to keep yourself warm. Decorating your house with faux-fur accessories such as blankets, pillows, bench coverings, and seat throws are the perfect way to increase the feeling of imminent warmth and coziness. Plus, since faux-fur is just as warm and comforting as the real thing, you won’t feel bad about buying a whole lot of it!

Koselig it up Like a Norwegian Genius

Koselig is a Norwegian term that doesn’t really have a direct translation to English (or any other language for that matter), but roughly it translates to “cozy.” What it stands for, however, is so much more. In most parts of Norway, winter lasts for roughly 7-8 months (and you thought we had it bad). During the worst of it, they see maybe 3 hours of daylight per day. Suffice to say they’ve perfected the method for getting through these dark and cold months. Pronounced “kush-lee” Koselig is accomplished by sitting comfortably while surrounded by pillows and blankets, candlelights flickering around you, and enjoying some warm drinks like tea or hot chocolate. All of this is done while playing games or enjoying the company of friends and family. Honestly, that sounds pretty darn good to us.

Winter can be Great

While many revile this time of year and feel in their bones they are warm-weather people through and through, the old adage “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” has never been so poignant. In truth, there’s a lot to love about winter. Honestly, the fields and forests of our province possess a spectacular beauty when the crisp, white blanket of winter falls upon their surface. Roads and the associated driving conditions can become cumbersome, but that only heightens the feeling of happiness and safety when you make it back to the comfort of your cozy abode. Winter is a unique time of year that only select places on Earth get to experience. Special by way of its rarity, and gorgeous in its pristine form, we think winter is simply spectacular.

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