Low-Cost Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For All

June 15, 2022

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can escape from the world and always count on comfort. Since this room is of the utmost importance, customize it to perfection with these master bedroom décor ideas. 

Whether you’re single or married, your master bedroom usually features a bed, clothing storage, electronics and lighting fixtures. How you treat each of these elements sets the tone for your environment and can take your room from boring to beautiful. 

Having a space that showcases your taste and functions based on your lifestyle helps you stay organized and makes cleaning quick and easy. Focus on what matters most to you and then decide what is unnecessary clutter. A tidy bedroom not only looks good, but it also makes you feel good, too. A calm and peaceful environment will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some inspiring master bedroom décor ideas fit for women, men and couples. These tips are all budget-friendly, so you might consider combining multiple hacks to create the ultimate atmosphere. 

Master bedroom décor ideas for ladies

Want to add a feminine touch to your master bedroom? Fill your bedchamber with warmth by selecting plush fabrics and fabulous textures. Choose a faux fur blanket to accent the end of your bed and add an exotic touch. Faux is more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than real fur, so you can feel good about your design choice. 

Proud of your large shoe collection and need room to organize your fancy footwear? Display your heels in a DIY lazy Susan for shoes and have easy access to them at all times. Position this turntable storage unit in the corner of your room and add a jewelry organizer on top or a low maintenance succulent. You’ll love spinning through your options every morning and having a designated space for them each night. 

Master bedroom décor ideas for men

Sick of clothing and accessories ending up all over the floor? Manage clutter by incorporating storage compartments into your bed frame. If you don’t have a bed frame, there’s an easy way to make one! 

Start your DIY storage bed adventure by measuring your space and deciding which material is best for you. Then, determine if you want drawers, pull out bins or simple shelving along the bottom of your frame. Finally, choose a design that fits your space and begin the building process. 

Once you’ve won your storage war, consider selecting flattering lighting that brings your bedroom together after the sun goes down. If you have bedside tables, choose a pair of lamps with low watt bulbs for soothing comfort and relaxation. If you like symmetry, opt for matching lights for your nightstands. Or, experiment with the eclectic by selecting contrasting fixtures.  

Master bedroom décor ideas for couples

Successfully sharing your master bedroom with your partner takes patience and compromise. One thing you shouldn’t have to negotiate is the romantic elements that make your room a comfortable place where you’re both free to be your true selves. 

Start your romance décor scheme with a variety of linens and a comforter that’s soft and easy to clean. A great feature of unique bed sheets is that you can change them as often as you’d like and each time you do, your bedroom changes based on the colour of your bedding. Changing your sheets isn’t only good for your health; it also revamps your décor. 

Another way to add romance to your love nest is by highlighting the best moments of your relationship in a photo gallery wall behind your bed. In the digital age, we rarely print photos and put them on display in the real world. However, having a constant visual reminder of the happiest times in your life with your spouse will lift your spirits every day and it’s inexpensive to create. Images of events like going on your first date and getting your first home will evoke heartwarming and sentimental feelings.

Visit your local dollar store or thrift shop to gather picture frames that you can use for your gallery. Print your favourite photos and have fun experimenting with different combinations until your wall is perfect. An awesome aspect of this project is that you can update or add to the wall as new events occur.  

Decorating your master bedroom makes your house or condo feel more like home. Just because it’s a place that few people see doesn’t mean that you can’t dress it up and make it as fancy or as laid back as you desire. Create a space that gives you peace of mind and watch the positive energy that you experience ripple out through the rest of your day. The time you invest could change your life.

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