Quarantine Hobbies

March 19, 2021

Everyone's worlds have gotten a lot smaller this past year, with quarantine driving us all indoors and forcing us to find entertainment within the comfortable confines of our homes. But there are no limits on the human imagination, and alongside quarantine have come quarantine hobbies, which have been taking the internet by storm. 

And why wouldn't they? Hobbies are a wonderful way to relieve stress and tension, relax, have fun, and distract yourself. And with COVID looming over us right now, we can all use a bit of distraction and fun in our lives. So if you're on the lookout for a new hobby to explore, without ever leaving your living room, look no further. We've got a wide range of ideas for you to consider, and try, and maybe even fall in love with enough to keep as a pastime long after the current situation has come to an end.

Quarantine Hobby #1: Bread Making

First on our list is the quarantine hobby that rose to the top of the internet in the early months of quarantine: bread baking! If you didn't try your hand at making your own bread yet, it's not too late to try. You don't need to go all out growing a sourdough starter from scratch if you don't want to. Packaged yeast is more than good enough for most bread recipes out there, and way less effort since you don't need to feed it and keep it alive in between baking sessions.

We've got a simple, no-knead bread recipe for you to try that's great for beginner bread makers. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

Quarantine Hobby #2: Jam Making

If you love to cook but baking bread just isn't for you, why not give jam making a try? Jam is another of those common household foods that can really be elevated to something special and uniquely delicious when you take the time to make it at home. Just like with making bread, making jam does require some specialized ingredients and supplies, but nothing you can't pick up at the grocery store.

So, if making homemade jam interests you, don't be intimidated. Give this easy beginner recipe a try.

Quarantine Hobby #3: Origami

If cooking just isn't your thing, and you want to stretch your creative wings in a different direction, why not consider origami? The ancient Japanese art of paper folding is not only fun and creative, but surprisingly easy to try as a beginner as well. The best thing about origami is that you can start right now. You don't need any special equipment, all you need is a piece of paper and a good beginner tutorial to try. Later on, if you decide origami is the hobby for you, you can look into some of the beautiful paper designed especially for paper craft, but for now even regular old printer paper is more than enough to get this hobby started.

Quarantine Hobby #4: Drawing

Have you always wanted to learn to draw? Well, now is a great time to start! Drawing is another of those wonderful creative hobbies that doesn't require a lot of specialized equipment to get started with. it's an incredibly vast and diverse hobby to get into as well. No matter what you want to learn to draw, someone on the internet has probably made a tutorial about it. But to help you get started we've also got some great beginner lessons so you can jump right in.

Quarantine Hobby #5: Yoga

If you're looking for something a bit more active from your new quarantine hobby, why not give yoga a try? Doing yoga at home is a great way to move and stretch your body and get in your daily exercise without ever having to leave home. Gyms and yoga studios may be closed, but the wonderful world of Youtube yoga is alive and thriving right now. So if you're looking for a hobby that will help you stay healthy, look no further. We've got all the best yoga channels for you to choose from.

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