Queensville is a True Master Planned Community

April 26, 2019

Queensville is a place for those who desire the best of both worlds. Sure, it has gorgeous and comfortable homes, great commuting options, and it lies right at the point where the city meets the country. But more than that, Queensville is the paragon of master-planned communities.

What’s planned for this growing, idyllic community is nothing short of remarkable. From a brand new state-of-the-art recreation plaza coming 2022, to a picturesque new park coming later this spring, Queensville is poised to royally impress.

The Health & Active Living Plaza

This multi-purpose recreation complex will feature ample amenities and activities for everyone to enjoy. Slated to be completed between 2022 and 2024, this Plaza will be a massive undertaking designed to give the master-planned community of Queensville and every resident space at which to gather and make use of the substantial facilities.

Here are the kind of facilities you can expect to make use of when you have a home in Queensville.

Aquatics Centre

The cornerstone facility of the Health & Active Living Plaza will be the fully-equipped Aquatics Centre. This large public pool is set to include change rooms and showers, constant lifeguard supervision, and a separate wading pool adjacent to the adult swimming pool where parents and their tots can splash around.


For all of those who enjoy organized team sports, or simply need a space to arrange a pick-up game of basketball the Gymnasium provides the perfect place. Once complete, all residents of Queensville’s master-planned community will be able to use and enjoy this centrepiece of the Plaza.

Skateboard & Scooter Park

Available to anyone who loves to shred up the pavement, the Skateboard & Scooter park will provide a safe environment to do so. Of course, helmets and all other safety gear will be mandatory, making this skate part that sits right next to the main plaza building a favoured gathering place for skateboard and scooter enthusiasts.

Courtyard Reading Garden

One of the many gathering spaces for those who prefer to have their intellectual senses tantalized, the Courtyard Reading Garden will provide the perfect place for all residents of Queensville’s master-planned community to sit, relax, and become absorbed in their favourite stories while breathing in the fresh scents of nature.

Youth Space

This space will be a designated area for youths to gather and have fun in a safe and responsible manner. It will lie adjacent to the Program Space and allow kids to congregate to study in groups, complete school projects, or host extra-curricular activities.

And More!

Some of the potential facilities proposed by the Plaza designers include a contracted childcare service and a specialized fitness centre. The Plaza is also approved to include a full-scale auxiliary of the East Gwillimbury Public Library, a Special Events Space, a Healthy Eating Marker, and am interior park space.

Make sure you stay tuned for more news on this exciting new addition to an already burgeoning master-planned community.

The Queensville Community Park

With the completion date now drawing near, residents of Queensville’s master-planned community are looking forward to this exquisite new addition to the area. The huge park will include various features such as a main entryway with shelter and seating, a zip line with a seating area, a senior kids playground, a junior kids playground. There will also be a gathering area with a shade structure, a senior kids soccer field, and a trailhead leading you to paths that traverse the rest of the community.

With so much to see and do in this quickly-growing master-planned community, there will be no end to the fun during the warmer months. To learn more about this project you can visit the East Gwillimbury website.

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