Spring Decor Ideas to Get you Started

March 11, 2022

Spring is almost here, and all of us are already feeling more energetic, positive, and vibrant. This is also a great time to add some warmth and colour to your home and go beyond the seasonal easter décor. And the best part of spring décor is how you can do so much even on a limited budget. So, say goodbye to winters, go for some spring home décor and refresh your home a little. From DIY spring decor to spring porch decor, here are some ideas that can help you get started.

Add Some Color

As the snow goes away, so should the whites in your home. Freshen up your living spaces and bedrooms with spring hues. From bright blues to shining yellows, go for colours that bring joy to you and add life to your home.

Lighten Textiles

Get those flannel sheets back in the closet and go for something gentle, soft, and lighter. Not only will it look visually more appealing, and spacious, but it will also give you the spring vibe if you have the floral printed ones. Bonus tip: Go for a beautiful flower arrangement and place them on the bedsheets for those special days.

Go green, or pink or yellow

Spring home decor is incomplete without some looming flowers, refreshing plants, and natural green branches. Add them to your glass vase, table centrepiece or door hangers, or just about anywhere, and you’ll see how it will help liven up the living space. Create beautiful spring centerpieces out of your favourite flowers to give your home a signature look.

Welcome Wreath

Spring door decorations are incomplete without a wreath. Make a statement to your guests with a stunning fresh or dried wreath. You can even go for faux stems. You can find some gorgeous ones that Michael’s. It is one of the best spring front door décors. You can check out some DIY spring wreath ideas on Pinterest.

Art Décor

When it comes to art décor, you can go the simple DIY spring décor project or select a statement piece from your favourite art shop or Homesense. From wall art to botanical art and little decoration items that create a big statement, this is one of the best décor ideas for spring and can be used for table decorations, centerpiece ideas or give a feel of spring to the front porch. You can use these as a table centerpiece or decorate mason jars with these items.

Redecorate furniture and doors

Pick an item in your living room such as a coffee table and redecorate it with fresh flowers, branches, colourful books, and some scented candles. This unique idea will help your living room shine brightly. You can dress up your porch for spring this way and add some life to your outdoor space.

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