The East Gwillimbury Farmers Market

November 28, 2018

Every Thursday afternoon from 2 PM - 7 PM you can find the East Gwillimbury Farmers’ Market at the intersection of Yonge and Greenlane! With over 30 vendors in attendance, there’s no end to the amount of delicious homestyle items you’ll find there. When you make your way to Yonge and Greenlane you’ll find the Farmers’ Market specifically located at Market Square, just in front of the Lone Star Restaurant and the RBC.

The Farmers’ Market of East Gwillimbury was originally established by the East Gwillimbury Business Development Committee in order to help promote the local economy and to support local farmers.

When it was first opened on July 26th in 2010 the Farmers’ Market took up residence at the Sharon Civic Centre, and only included 5 vendors from the area. Since then the Farmers’ Market has gained an impressive attendance record and attracts visitors from all over. No longer on a Saturday schedule, the Farmers’ Market is now a Thursday afternoon event and features all manner of vendors.

For natural grass fed chicken, lamb, and beef you can head straight over to A E Natural Meats for all of your organic protein needs. We highly suggest checking out Moetarts as well! They make some of the most delicious baked goods this side of the 49th Parallel. For a full list of all the local and top-quality vendors that make an appearance every Thursday afternoon, check out the Farmers’ Market website and discover everything you could ever want to know about this exceptional Thursday occurrence.  

Over the years the Farmers’ Market has become more than a simple place to buy locally sourced, quality products, it’s become an established tradition of the East Gwillimbury community.

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