The Highway 404 Extension Is Now Open

April 24, 2018

Queensville here – and I wanted to share some exciting news. As you may have known (or noticed) an exciting large-scale construction project began right by me back in 2010. Well, after some delay, it’s finally complete and it’s now easier to visit me.

Twenty years after first being tabled and after many setbacks, the 13-kilometre extension on Highway 404 from Green Lane to Ravenshoe Road is finally opened at Queensville Sideroad with Doane Rd. to open at a later date. The new four-lane extension will divert 22,000 vehicles/commuters a day from my local roads and those of my good friend Georgina – all travelling south daily for work. This will make my local community streets safer while reducing travel times for both commuters and commercial vehicles.

The new highway provides much-needed connectivity between other areas of the Greater Toronto Area and myself that will enhance my business and economic development/growth. This is very important (and exciting), as I’m planning on having 6000 new families moving in.

When I’m finished, I’ll be one incredible town – and this enhancement just makes me even better. Come back next week and I’ll share some more of the things that I love with you.

Talk soon,


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