The Stardust Drive-In: Fun for the Whole Family in Queensville

October 30, 2020

Looking for a fun family activity this weekend? Look no further than The Stardust Drive-in Theatre in Sharon, a classic drive-in located only a short drive away from Queensville. 

Lots of Halloween Movie Options

With three screens offering visitors a few different movie options at every showtime, and new releases like The War with Grandpa, Honest Thief, and Tenet, all showing this month, there is something for everyone at Stardust Drive-In. And with a spooky selection of Halloween-themed movies, like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Annabelle: Creation, The Addams Family, and Dawn of the Dead, going to the drive-in is a great way to celebrate Halloween in a safe and socially distanced way this year. 

COVID Safety Measures In Place at the Drive-In

Stardust Drive-In is working hard to keep visitors safe, and have implemented temporary public safety measures until COVID is no longer a threat. They require all visitors to keep a safe distance from one another, and that visitors avoid the play areas for now. They also encourage everyone to wear their masks while outside their vehicles and to use the cleaning products provided at their concessions and washrooms. Pets are still allowed at the drive-in, but unless it’s time for a walk they ask that your furry friend remain inside the car.

Tasty Drive-In Snacks and Good Reviews

The Stardust Drive-in has a lot of fans online. The reviews are almost entirely glowing, with praise for the size of their screens and the quality of their snack bar abounding. That popularity means the best parking spots fill up fast, so get there a bit early if you want the best seat in the lot, and spend that extra time before your movie looking through their wide range of diner food, like their famous poutine or pure angus burgers, as well as snacks such as popcorn, funnel cakes and deep fried pickles.

Tasty Drive-In Treats At Home

But why stop with the concession? One of the great parts of a drive-in, compared to a regular movie theatre, is that you can bring your own snacks along in your car with you. So why not consider making your own movie treats for your family, to bring along? Halloween isn’t just about scary movies, after all - it’s about the treats, too. 

Like these popcorn toffee crack bars, a tasty mix of popcorn, chocolate, roasted peanuts and more, all baked together into a snappy, crunchy toffee mixture that hardens as it cools, and can be made in advance. Or these crispy spiced chickpeas, a delicious, filling and healthy alternative to a bag of chips. There are a whole yummy bunch of different snacks you can make that are great for eating in your car, or you can go for the best option of all and grab a bag of Halloween candy to snack on during your spooky-themed movie of choice. 

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